Principality of Sealand

The Principality of Sealand is an unrecognised entity, located on HM Fort Roughs, a former World War II Maunsell Sea Fort in the North Sea 13 kilometres (7 nmi) off the coast of Suffolk, England, United Kingdom.

Since 1967 the facility has been occupied by family and associates of Paddy Roy Bates, who claim that it is an independent sovereign state. Bates seized it from a group of pirate radio broadcasters in 1967 with the intention of setting up his own station at the site. He established Sealand as a nation in 1975 with the writing of a constitution and establishment of other national symbols. Bates moved to mainland Essex when he became elderly, naming his son Michael regent. Bates died in 2012 at the age of 91.

While it has been described as the world's smallest nation, or a micronation, Sealand is not currently officially recognised by any established sovereign state. Although Roy Bates claimed it is de facto recognised by the United Kingdom (after an English court ruled it did not have jurisdiction over Sealand as territorial water limitations were defined at that time) this action does not constitute de jure recognition.

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... The Principality of Sealand, a self-declared nation, sells titles of individual nobility ... The titles themselves are perfectly legal according to Sealandic law, as they are issued by the royal family itself, but may not carry the same historical prestige as accompanies older, more established titles ...
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... Sealand is not recognised by any major international sporting body, and its population is insufficient to maintain a team comprised entirely of Sealanders in any team sport ... However, Sealand claims to have official national athletes, including non-Sealanders ... The Sealand National Football Association is an associate member of the Nouvelle Fédération-Board, a football sanctioning body for non-recognised states ...