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Plume - Other Uses
... Hackle, an ornamental plume on a uniform headdress. ...
Stanleya (plant)
... is a genus of six species of plants in the mustard family known commonly as prince's plumes ... Species Stanleya albescens - white prince's plume Stanleya confertiflora - Oregon prince's plume Stanleya elata - Panamint prince's plume Stanleya pinnata - desert prince's plume ...
Prometheus (volcano)
... surrounded by reddish sulfur and circular, bright sulfur dioxide volcanic plume deposits ... Prometheus is the site of two volcanic eruption plumes a small, sulfur-rich plume erupting from the magma-source vent at the eastern end of the flow field and a 75-to-100-kilometer (47 to 62 mi)-tall, SO 2-rich ... The SO 2-rich plume is generated as lava at the western end of the flow field covers sulfur dioxide frost, heating and vaporizing it ...
Plume (hydrodynamics)
... In hydrodynamics, a plume is a column of one fluid moving through another ... differences and buoyancy effects, the plume is usually described as a jet ...
Features and Capabilities of AERMOD
... Plume types Continuous, buoyant plumes Plume deposition Dry or wet deposition of particulates and/or gases Plume dispersion treatment Gaussian model ...

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    In some of those dense fir and spruce woods there is hardly room for the smoke to go up. The trees are a standing night, and every fir and spruce which you fell is a plume plucked from night’s raven wing.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)