Partition Function

Partition function may refer to:

  • Partition function (number theory)
  • Partition function (mathematics), which generalizes its use in statistical mechanics and quantum field theory:
    • Partition function (statistical mechanics)
    • Partition function (quantum field theory)

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Partition Function (mathematics) - Definition
... variables taking on values, and some sort of potential function or Hamiltonian, the partition function is defined as The function H is understood to be a real-valued function on the space of ... integrals, a common one would be Such is the case for the partition function in quantum field theory ... A common, useful modification to the partition function is to introduce auxiliary functions ...
List Of RNA Structure Prediction Software - Single Sequence Secondary Structure Prediction
... RNA sequences including pseudoknots by including an implementation of the partition function for knots ... Includes an implementation of the partition function for computing basepair probabilities and circular RNA folding ... The sampling is weighted by partition function probabilities ...
Corner Transfer Matrix - Definition
... For a lattice with N sites, the partition function is where the sum is over all possible spin configurations and w is the Boltzmann weight To simplify the notation, we use a ... fixed and the sum is over all interior spins, each entry of A is a function of the inner boundary spins ... Corner transfer matrices are related to the partition function in a simple way ...
Partition Function (mathematics)
... The partition function or configuration integral, as used in probability theory, information science and dynamical systems, is a generalization of the definition ... The partition function occurs in many problems of probability theory because, in situations where there is a natural symmetry, its associated probability measure, the Gibbs measure, has the ... This means that the partition function occurs not only in physical systems with translation symmetry, but also in such varied settings as neural networks (the Hopfield network), and applications such as ...
Langmuir Adsorption Model - Derivations of The Langmuir Adsorption Isotherm - Statistical Mechanical Derivation
... The partition function of the finite number of adsorbents adsorbed on a surface, in a canonical ensemble is given by where is the partition function of a single adsorbed molecule, are ... The first term of Z(n) accounts the total partition function of the different molecules by taking a product of the individual partition functions (Refer to Partition function of subsystems) ... The grand canonical partition function is given by As it has the form of binomial series, the summation is reduced to where The Landau free energy, which is generalized Helmholtz free ...

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