Partial Recursive Function

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Adequate Pointclass
... of descriptive set theory, a pointclass can be called adequate if it contains all recursive pointsets and is closed under recursive substitution, bounded universal and existential ...
Counter Machine Models - The Models in More Detail - 1961: Minsky's Model of A Partial Recursive Function Reduced To A "program" of Only Two Instructions
... Minsky to the following definition of "an interesting basis for recursive function theory involving programs of only the simplest arithmetic operations" (Minsky (1961) p ... His "Theorem Ia" asserts that any partial recursive function is represented by "a program operating on two integers S1 and S2 using instructions Ij of the forms (cf Minsky (1961) p ... second "Theorem IIa" that "...represents any partial recursive function by a program operating on one integer S using instructions Ij of the forms" Action Description a ...
Tennenbaum's Theorem - Recursive Structures For PA
... A structure in the language of PA is recursive if there are recursive functions + and × from to, a recursive two-place relation < on, and distinguished ... Because the isomorphism must be a bijection, every recursive model is countable ...
Recursively Enumerable Set - Equivalent Formulations
... That is, S is the domain (co-range) of a partial recursive function ... There is a partial recursive function f such that Enumerability The set S is the range of a partial recursive function ... The set S is the range of a total recursive function or empty ...

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    Think of the tools in a tool-box: there is a hammer, pliers, a saw, a screwdriver, a rule, a glue-pot, nails and screws.—The function of words are as diverse as the functions of these objects.
    Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889–1951)

    The only coöperation which is commonly possible is exceedingly partial and superficial; and what little true coöperation there is, is as if it were not, being a harmony inaudible to men. If a man has faith, he will coöperate with equal faith everywhere; if he has not faith, he will continue to live like the rest of the world, whatever company he is joined to.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)