Partial may refer to:

  • Partial derivative
    • ∂, the partial derivative symbol, often read as "partial"
  • Partial differential equation
  • Partial function
  • Partially ordered set
  • Partial agonist, in pharmacology
  • Partial algorithm, in computer science
  • Partial charge, in chemistry
  • Partial index, in database management
  • Part score, in contract bridge
  • Partial seizure, epilepsy
  • Partial wave, in acoustics and music

Other articles related to "partial":

Constraint Counting - Einstein Strength
... Consider a second order partial differential equation in three variables, such as the two-dimensional wave equation It is often profitable to think of such an equation as a ... rewrite where in the first equality, we appealed to the fact that partial derivatives commute ... Einstein asked how much redundancy can we eliminate in this fashion, for a given partial differential equation? ...
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... Editor CSS2 Frames Java JavaScript XSLT XHTML MathML XForms RSS Atom XPath Amaya Partial No No No No Yes Yes No No No ? Aptana Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No No No No Arachnophilia Yes Yes ? Yes ...

... U+2202) or is a mathematical symbol, derived from Greek delta, used to denote the following A partial derivative, such as that would be read as "the partial derivative of z with ... may be pronounced "del", "dee", or "partial dee" ...
February 2008 Lunar Eclipse - Viewing
... A partial eclipse existed from 143 until 300, followed by 51 minutes of totality (300 - 351), and then partial again from 351 until 509 ... (For local times, see Timing.) It is possible to mistake the appearance of partial eclipse as the moon being in a different phase, but the shadow from the eclipse changes much more rapidly ...
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... Disconation teranoid underground edition (partial composition) teranoid overground edition (partial composition) teranoid overground edition KOJA YUKINO ...

Famous quotes containing the word partial:

    The only coöperation which is commonly possible is exceedingly partial and superficial; and what little true coöperation there is, is as if it were not, being a harmony inaudible to men. If a man has faith, he will coöperate with equal faith everywhere; if he has not faith, he will continue to live like the rest of the world, whatever company he is joined to.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    And meanwhile we have gone on living,
    Living and partly living,
    Picking together the pieces,
    Gathering faggots at nightfall,
    Building a partial shelter,
    For sleeping and eating and drinking and laughter.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)

    There is no luck in literary reputation. They who make up the final verdict upon every book are not the partial and noisy readers of the hour when it appears; but a court as of angels, a public not to be bribed, not to be entreated, and not to be overawed, decides upon every man’s title to fame. Only those books come down which deserve to last.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)