Orange Sun

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Great Lakes Dredge And Dock Company - History - 2008 Liberian Freighter Collision
... GLD D dredge in Newark Bay was struck by a 669-ft Liberian-flagged orange juice freighter named the Orange Sun ... National Transportation Safety Board issued a report that blamed the Orange Sun for the accident ... The Orange Sun's master had not informed the captain or crew about the ship's tendency to deviate from its course ...
Stellar Classification - Harvard Spectral Classification
... yellowish white 0.8–1.04 M☉ 0.96–1.15 R☉ 0.6–1.5 L☉ Weak 7.6% K 3,700–5,200 K orange yellow orange 0.45–0.8 M☉ 0.7–0.96 R☉ 0.08–0.6 L☉ Very weak 12.1% M 2,000–3,700 K red orange red ≤ 0.4 ... The Sun is classified as G2 ... many of the stars in Orion) those with spectra which, like the Sun, showed calcium and sodium lines (group II) colored stars whose spectra showed wide bands (group III) and carbon ...
Caspian Blue - History of Blue - Blue and The Impressionist Painters
... He demonstrated that placing complementary colours, such as blue and yellow-orange or ultramarine and yellow, next to each other heightened the intensity of each colour "to the apogee of their tonality ... Impression – Sunrise – Fog (1872), where he put a vivid blue next to a bright orange sun, (1872) and in Régate à Argenteuil (1872), where he ... Renoir used the same contrast of cobalt blue water and an orange sun in Canotage sur la Seine (1879–1880) ...

Famous quotes containing the words sun and/or orange:

    Lord, the Roman hyacinths are blooming in bowls and
    The winter sun creeps by the snow hills;
    The stubborn season has made stand.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)

    A hook shot kisses the rim and
    hangs there, helplessly, but doesn’t drop

    and for once our gangly starting center
    boxes out his man and times his jump

    perfectly, gathering the orange leather
    from the air like a cherished possession
    Edward Hirsch (b. 1950)