Onset may refer to:

  • Onset (audio), the beginning of a musical note or sound
  • Interonset interval, a term in music
  • Syllable onset, a term in phonetics and phonology
  • Onset, Massachusetts, village in the United States
    • Onset Island (Massachusetts), a small island located at the western end of the Cape Cod Canal
  • The Onset, Liverpool indie rock group formed by Mike Badger of the La's
  • USS Onset (SP-1224), a United States Navy patrol boat in commission from 1917 to 1918
  • Onset Computer Corporation, a company that designs and manufactures data loggers, wireless monitoring devices, and weather stations

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The Onset - Live Shows
... The Onset toured constantly, playing many of the UK's Universities and Colleges as well as Clubs, Pubs and Art Centres ... Four films of the Onset playing live exist - Rainhill Youth Club St.Helens in 1988, the Earthbeat Festival at Liverpool's Sefton Park in 1989, London's New Pegasus in 1990 and The Celebration ... Reminiscences of the Onset can be read online in Tim Peacock's Interview with Mike Badger for Whisperin and Hollerin Magazine in January 2008 ...
The Onset (album)
... The Onset is the third album released by Mike Badger and The Onset ... It was released by the Generator Label in 2005 ...
Systemic Vasculitis - Classification - Large Vessel Vasculitis
... arteritis affecting younger people, and giant-cell arteritis having a later age of onset ... At least 3 out of 6 criteria yields sensitivity and specificity of 90.5 and 97.8% onset < 40 years affects young and middle -aged women (ages 15–45) claudication of extremities decreased pulsation of one or ... criteria yields sensitivity and specificity of 95 and 91% Age at onset ≥ 50 years New onset headache with localized tenderness Temporal artery ...
Spectromorphology - Theoretical Framework - Morphological Archetypes
... Modeled on the single detached note a sudden onset which is immediately terminated ... In this instance the attack-onset is also the termination ... and open) - modeled on sounds in which the attack-onset is extended by a resonance that quickly or gradually decays towards termination ...
Lo Fi Acoustic Excursions By Mike Badger & Friends - Track Listing
2022 Blues - The Onset (1994) – 1.56 It's True - Mike Badger and The Establishment (2001) – 305 Save Me - The Onset (1991) – 346 South End Hoedown - The Two Step Angels (1987) – 114 Cool Water - The ...

Famous quotes containing the word onset:

    While the onset of puberty can vary by as much as six years, every adolescent wants to be right on the 50-yard line, right in the middle of the field. One is always too tall, too short, too thin, too fat, too hairy, too clear-skinned, too early, too late. Understandably, problems of self-image are rampant.
    Joan Lipsitz (20th century)