An olor is a piece of cowhide or plastic tied onto a male goat like a skirt. It is used by Kenyan goatherders to prevent bucks from impregnating the female goats during times of drought.

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... Given the biogeography and appearance of the subgenus Olor it seems likely that these are of a more recent origin, as evidence shows by their modern ranges (which ... Genus Cygnus Subgenus Cygnus Mute Swan, Cygnus olor, is a Eurasian species that occurs at lower latitudes than Whooper Swan and Bewick's Swan across ... fossil records, according to the British Ornithological Union, show Cygnus olor is among the oldest bird species still extant and it has been upgraded to "native ...
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... This is the setting in which Vaughan wrote Olor Iscanus ("the Swan of Usk") ... between the authorship and publication of Olor Iscanus ... Olor Iscanus is filled with odd words and similes that beg for attention despite its dark and morbid cognitive appeal ...