Mud Island

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Tourism In Memphis, Tennessee - Other Attractions - Mud Island River Park
... Mud Island River Park and Mississippi River Museum is located on Mud Island in downtown Memphis ...
Mud Island, Memphis - History - Downtown Airport
... In 1959, the Memphis Downtown Airport was opened on Mud Island, which at that time was called City Island ...
Siege Of Fort Mifflin
... The Siege of Fort Mifflin or Siege of Mud Island Fort from September 26 to November 16, 1777 saw British land batteries commanded by Captain John Montresor and a British naval squadron under Vice Admiral Lord ... Fort Mifflin on Mud Island in the middle of the Delaware and Fort Mercer at Red Bank, New Jersey, together with river obstructions and a small flotilla under Commodore John Hazelwood prevented the Royal ... Two British warships which had run aground near Mud Island were destroyed the next day ...
Mud Island (disambiguation) - United States
... Mud Island, Memphis Mud Island (Michigan) Mud Island (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), site of Revolutionary War era Fort Mifflin, aka Fort Island Battery or Mud Island ...
Siege Of Fort Mifflin - Siege - Preparations
... Maryland Regiment with a detachment of Continentals into the fort on Mud Island ... Ballard of Virginia, Major Simeon Thayer of Rhode Island, and Captain Samuel Treat of the Continental Artillery ... On the last leg of their journey, reinforcements for Mud Island had to be ferried across the Delaware from Red Bank, New Jersey under the protection of the Pennsylvania Navy river flotilla commanded by John ...

Famous quotes containing the words island and/or mud:

    I should like to have seen a gallery of coronation beauties, at Westminster Abbey, confronted for a moment by this band of Island girls; their stiffness, formality, and affectation contrasted with the artless vivacity and unconcealed natural graces of these savage maidens. It would be the Venus de’ Medici placed beside a milliner’s doll.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)

    One who was my companion in my two previous excursions to these woods, tells me that ... he found himself dining one day on moose-meat, mud turtle, trout, and beaver, and he thought that there were few places in the world where these dishes could easily be brought together on one table.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)