MIS - Others


  • Maison Internationale du Sport
  • Major Investment Study, required for large transportation projects in the United States
  • Masjid-I-Sulaiman, a city in the Khuzestan province in southwestern Iran
  • Maximum independent set
  • Men in skirts, a movement for making skirts acceptable for everyday wear by men in Western countries
  • Mercalli intensity scale of earthquakes
  • Metal Insulator Semiconductor, structure for electronic devices.
  • Mexican Institute of Sound, a Mexican musical group from Mexico City
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Mississippi Central Railroad (disambiguation)
  • Model Inference System (an Inductive Logic Programming system)
  • Movement for the Independence of Sicily

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... Lakota uses Č/č, Š/š, Ž/ž, Ǧ/ǧ (voiced post-velar fricative) and Ȟ/ȟ (plain post-velar fricative) ... The DIN 31635 standard for transliteration of Arabic uses Ǧ/ǧ to represent the letter ج ǧīm on account of the inconsistent pronunciation of J in European languages, the variable pronunciation of the letter in educated Arabic, and the desire of the DIN committee to have a one-to-one correspondence of Arabic to Latin letters in their system. ...