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Degree (graph Theory)
... In graph theory, the degree (or valency) of a vertex of a graph is the number of edges incident to the vertex, with loops counted twice ... The degree of a vertex is denoted The maximum degree of a graph G, denoted by Δ(G), and the minimum degree of a graph, denoted by δ(G), are the ... In the graph on the right, the maximum degree is 5 and the minimum degree is 0 ...
Line Graph Of A Hypergraph - Line Graphs of k-uniform Linear Hypergraphs, k ≥ 3
... list of forbidden induced subgraphs for linear 3-uniform hypergraphs with minimum vertex degree at least 69 ... for linear k-uniform hypergraphs, no matter what lower bound is placed on the degree ... such that the consecutive diamonds share vertices of degree two ...
Moore Graphs As Cages
... the number of vertices in a graph in terms of its maximum degree and its diameter, we can calculate via similar methods a lower bound on the number of vertices in terms of ... Suppose G has minimum degree d and girth 2k+1 ... Therefore, any Moore graph has the minimum number of vertices possible among all graphs with minimum degree d and diameter k it is a cage ...

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    As to the bride, she is blithe as the month; if one can compare in any degree a weed of December, with the fragrance of May; for a weed in truth it is, and a weed not in its first prime.
    Frances Burney (1752–1840)

    After decades of unappreciated drudgery, American women just don’t do housework any more—that is, beyond the minimum that is required in order to clear a path from the bedroom to the front door so they can get off to work in the mourning.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (20th century)