Mechanism may refer to:

  • Mechanism (engineering), rigid bodies connected by joints in order to accomplish a desired force and/or motion transmission
  • Mechanism (biology), explaining how a feature is created
  • Mechanism (philosophy), a theory that all natural phenomena can be explained by physical causes
  • Mechanism (sociology), a theory that all social phenomena can be explained by the existence of a deterministic mechanism
  • Mechanism (band), a death metal band from Canada

Other articles related to "mechanism":

Patellar Reflex - Mechanism
... The patellar reflex is a clinical and classic example of the monosynaptic reflex arc ... There is no interneuron in the pathway leading to contraction of the quadriceps muscle ...
Operating System Kernels - Kernel-wide Design Approaches
... The principle of separation of mechanism and policy is the substantial difference between the philosophy of micro and monolithic kernels ... Here a mechanism is the support that allows the implementation of many different policies, while a policy is a particular "mode of operation" ... For instance, a mechanism may provide for user log-in attempts to call an authorization server to determine whether access should be granted a policy may be for the authorization server to request a password and ...
Ethernet Flow Control
... Ethernet flow control is a mechanism for temporarily stopping the transmission of data on Ethernet family computer networks ... The first flow control mechanism, the PAUSE frame, was defined by the IEEE 802.3x standard ... provides a link-level flow control mechanism that can be controlled independently for each Class of Service (CoS), as defined by IEEE P802.1p ...
Artemisia Annua - Medicinal Uses - Mechanism
... The proposed mechanism of action of artemisinin involves cleavage of endoperoxide bridges by iron, producing free radicals (hypervalent iron-oxo species, epoxides, aldehydes ...
Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia
... Research into the mechanism and etiology (cause) of Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia is ongoing ... The mechanism and primary etiology of Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia has not been fully elucidated ... An autoimmune mechanism has been suggested as several studies have detected autoantibodies that activate beta adrenoreceptors in a portion of patients ...

Famous quotes containing the word mechanism:

    Life is an offensive, directed against the repetitious mechanism of the Universe.
    Alfred North Whitehead (1861–1947)

    I’ve never known a Philadelphian who wasn’t a downright “character;” possibly a defense mechanism resulting from the dullness of their native habitat.
    Anita Loos (1888–1981)

    The law isn’t justice. It’s a very imperfect mechanism. If you press exactly the right buttons and are also lucky, justice may show up in the answer. A mechanism is all the law was ever intended to be.
    Raymond Chandler (1888–1959)