MBR may refer to:

  • Minerações Brasileiras Reunidas, a division of Caemi
  • Malaysian Book of Records
  • Master boot record, the first sector of a partitioned data storage device, used for booting
  • Membrane bioreactor
  • Main Battle Rifle
  • Memory buffer register
  • Microwave background radiation
  • Middlesbrough railway station (National Rail station code: MBR), a station in England
  • Minimum bounding rectangle
  • Morskoi Blizhniy Razvedchik, Russian for "Naval Short Range Reconnaissance", a class of flying boats, like the Beriev MBR-2
  • Movimiento Bolivariano Revolucionario 200 or MBR-200, a leftist political movement founded by Hugo Chávez in Venezuela.
  • Maitland Brothers Racing

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Sewage Treatment Plants - Process Overview - Secondary Treatment - Membrane Bioreactors
... Membrane bioreactors (MBR) combine activated sludge treatment with a membrane liquid-solid separation process ... One of the key benefits of an MBR system is that it effectively overcomes the limitations associated with poor settling of sludge in conventional activated sludge (CAS) processes ... The elevated biomass concentration in the MBR process allows for very effective removal of both soluble and particulate biodegradable materials at higher loading rates ...
... Mbrès is a sub-prefecture and town in the Nana-Grébizi Prefecture of the northern Central African Republic ... Prefecture Bakouma Bangassou Gambo-Ouango Rafaï Nana-Grébizi Prefecture Kaga-Bandoro Mbrès Nana-Mambéré Prefecture Baboua Baoro Bouar Ombella-M'Poko Prefecture ...
Malaysian Book Of Records - Aims
... The MBR is a project formed in line with the peoples Vision 2020 ... As the National Record-Keeper, MBR is an official body that recognises record-holders, record-breakers, and record creators in the country ... Upon confirmation of record, the MBR will issue certificates to them, as a recognition for their efforts ...
Membrane Bioreactor - Major Considerations in MBR - Mixing and Hydrodynamics
... Like in any other reactors, the hydrodynamics (or mixing) within an MBR plays an important role in determining the pollutant removal and fouling control within an MBR ... It has a substantial effect on the energy usage and size requirements of an MBR, therefore the whole life cost of an MBR is high ... by the length of time fluid elements spend in the MBR (i.e ...
... MBRWizard is a Master Boot Record (MBR) management application for x86 and x86-64 based computers ... Windows machines, key entries in the MBR were often changed or corrupted, rendering the machine unbootable ... was designed to allow the user to reverse or repair these unwanted, destructive changes to the MBR, effectively enabling the computer to once again boot properly ...