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List Of Counties In North Carolina - List
1847 Caldwell County, Iredell County, and Wilkes County William J ... sq mi (70031391000000000001,391 km2) Ashe County 009 Jefferson 1799 Wilkes County Samuel Ashe, a Revolutionary patriot, superior court judge, and governor of North Carolina 700427143000000000027,143 ... sq mi (70031171000000000001,171 km2) Martin County 117 Williamston 1774 Halifax County and Tyrrell County Josiah Martin, the last governor of colonial North Carolina 700424180000000000024,180 ...
Plymouth, Pennsylvania - History of Plymouth (1753-1972) - Years of Industrial Growth (1861-1900) - Martin Wilkes and The Polish-Lithuanian Church War
... In 1889-1890, these feelings were inflamed by an outspoken parishioner named Martin Wilkes, who came to be known in the national press as "the Polish King" ... Wilkes was born in Poland and immigrated to the United States in 1873 ... There was some strong talk about lynching Martin Wilkes, the Polish leader ...

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    Francine Evans: That seat’s taken.
    Jimmy Doyle: I know it’s taken. But I’m gonna sit here and I’m gonna figure out another angle.
    Earl MacRauch, U.S. screenwriter, Mardik Martin, and Martin Scorsese. Francine Evans (Liza Minnelli)