Wilkes may refer to:

  • Wilkes, Portland, Oregon, a US neighborhood
  • Wilkes (horse) (born 1952), Australian thoroughbred, sire of Vain (horse)
  • USS Wilkes (DD-441), a US Navy destroyer
  • Wilkes University, in Pennsylvania, US
  • Wilkes Honors College, in Florida, US
  • Wilkes (surname), people with the surname Wilkes
  • Wilkes Journal-Patriot, a newspaper based in North Wilkesboro, Wilkes County, North Carolina

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Cathy Wilkes - Life and Work
... Cathy Wilkes was born in Belfast ... Wilkes was nominated for the Turner Prize for her show at the Milton Keynes Gallery ... Wilkes' piece includes a shop mannequin with bits of dried porridge in a bowl by its feet ...
List Of Batman: The Brave And The Bold Characters - Other Characters - Abraham Lincoln
... show at the Ford Theatre, he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth ... version of Abraham Lincoln from Parallel Universe 5501 is saved from John Wilkes Booth's assassination attempted by a Multiverse-hopping Batman ... When John Wilkes Booth activated his steam-powered armor, Abraham Lincoln helped Batman to defeat John Wilkes Booth ...
Alexander Wilkes
... Alexander John Wilkes (4 November 1900–12 July 1937) was an English cricketer who played 11 first-class matches for Worcestershire, three in 1925 ... Wilkes was born in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, and died in the same town at the early age of 36 ...
List Of Gabriel Knight Characters - Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of The Sacred, Blood of The Damned - John Wilkes
... John Wilkes (voiced by Richard Doyle) is an Australian who believes that Sauniere discovered lost treasure in a cave hidden somewhere beneath the Rennes-le-Château area ... Wilkes himself appears arrogant at times and constantly tries to hit on Madeline, with little success ... turns his interests towards Grace, who plays along in order to discover Wilkes' findings ...
Lyall Wilkes - Biography
... and later judge in the North-East of England, Wilkes was a member of 51 Westgate Road Chambers, a leading group of barristers in the area ... included books on the lives of William Eden, Francis Festing and John Dobson As a politician Wilkes won the Newcastle upon Tyne Central seat from Arthur Denville in the ... Following his death in 1991 Wilkes was buried in St ...