Mainframe may refer to either of the following:

  • Mainframe computer, large and powerful data processing systems
  • Mainframe Entertainment, a Canadian computer animation and design company
  • Mainframe (band), a 1980s Electropop band
  • Mainframe is the name of two fictional characters from Marvel Comics:
    • Mainframe (comics) appears in the series A-Next
    • Mainframe appears in the Guardians of the Galaxy series; see Vision (Marvel Comics)#Mainframe
  • Mainframe (Transformers) is an Autobot character in the Transformers series
  • Mainframe (G.I. Joe), a fictional character in the G.I. Joe universe
  • A character from the game Gunman Chronicles
  • Mainframe is the city in which the CGI cartoon ReBoot takes place

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Cloud Clients - History - The 1950s
... underlying concept of cloud computing dates back to the 1950s, when large-scale mainframe computers became available in academia and corporations, accessible via thin clients/terminal ... To make more efficient use of costly mainframes, a practice evolved that allowed multiple users to share both the physical access to the computer from multiple terminals as well as to share the CPU time ... This eliminated periods of inactivity on the mainframe and allowed for a greater return on the investment ...
List Of A-Next Members - Fictional Team Biography
... Lang's daughter Cassie Lang, now an entomologist, who was testing Ant-Man's old uniform) Mainframe (a mysterious armored individual) J2 (Zane Yama, high school student ... Thunderstrike, Stinger, J2 and Mainframe decide to stay together as the new Avengers ... Four new members are then inducted into the Avengers by Mainframe and Jarvis ...
List Of Robots In Transformers Animated - Autobots - Autobot Ministry of Science
... Mainframe Mainframe is a member of the Ministry of Science ... that he turns into an immobile computer mainframe ...
List Of Re Boot Characters - Main Characters - Mouse
... She had been hired by the Guardians to discover if there was a Web Creature in Mainframe during the subsequent Web War and then the Viral Wars, Mouse's hacking skills became a major asset in thwarting ... is allowed to upgrade her icon (and AndrAIa's as well) to a full Mainframe icon which, among other things, created a backup of her that allowed her to be restored along with the native Mainframers after the system ...
List Of Re Boot Characters - Villains - Megabyte
... plots constantly to corrupt and control Mainframe in order to turn it into his own domain, "Megaframe", and from there infect the Super-Computer and then take the entire Net ... The results were devastating the destruction of Mainframe's twin city (creating Lost Angels), everyone present being nullified (including Welman, who became Nibbles), and Gigabyte being split into Megabyte and ... In the final episode of Season 2, Megabyte worked with Mainframe to close the Web portal that had opened in Mainframe, but not without heavy cost ...