Lucy is an English and French feminine given name derived from Latin masculine given name Lucius with the meaning as of light (born at dawn or daylight, maybe also shiny, or of light complexion). Alternative spellings are Luci, Luce, or Lucie. Lucy is also an American, Australian, Canadian, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and French surname.

The English Lucy surname is taken from the Norman language that was Latin-based and derives from place names in Normandy based on Latin male personal name Lucius. It was transmitted to England after the Norman Conquest in the 11th Century (see also De Lucy).

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Famous quotes containing the word lucy:

    What fond and wayward thoughts will slide
    Into a Lover’s head!
    ‘O mercy!’ to myself I cried,
    ‘If Lucy should be dead!’
    William Wordsworth (1770–1850)

    Things are just the same as they always were, only you’re the same as you were, too, so I guess things will never be the same again. Goodnight.
    Vina Delmar, U.S. novelist, playwright. Lucy (Irene Dunne)