Lithuanian Nobility

The Lithuanian nobility was historically a legally privileged class in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania consisting of Lithuanians, from the historical regions of Lithuania Proper and Samogitia, and, following Lithuania's eastern expansion, many Ruthenian noble families (boyars). Families were primarily granted privileges for their military service to the Grand Duchy. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth had one of the largest percentages of nobility in Europe, close to 10% of the population, in some regions, like Samogitia, it was closer to 12%.

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... As the power of Lithuanian warlord dukes expanded to the south and east, the cultivated East Slavic Ruthenians moved in the opposite direction within their new statehood and exerted influence on the Lithuanian ruling ... version of which known as Chancery Slavonic was to serve the Lithuanian court's document-producing needs for a few centuries, and developed laws, turning Vilnius into a major ... For the near future Poland gave Lithuanians a valuable ally against increasing threats from the Teutonic Knights and Muscovy ...
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... with the role of the magnates, who in the Polish–Lithuanian political system theoretically had the same rights as the Polish and Lithuanian nobility ... Swedish king Charles X Gustav, aimed at dissolving the Commonwealth and the Polish–Lithuanian Union ... The Lithuanian army capitulated to the Swedes and the state collapsed ...
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... by Mindaugas, nobles were called 'bajorai' and the higher nobility 'kunigai' or 'kunigaikščiai' (dukes) ... After the Union of Horodło the Lithuanian nobility acquired equal status with the Polish szlachta, and over time began to become more and more polonized, although they did preserve their national ... In the 16th century some of the Lithuanian nobility erroneously claimed that they were of Roman extraction, and the Lithuanian language was just a morphed Latin language ...

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