List of United States Naval Academy Alumni - Military Figures - Confederate States Navy Officers

Confederate States Navy Officers

Name Class year Notability References
Carter, Jonathan H.Jonathan H. Carter 1846 Member of the first class to graduate from the Academy; after joining the Confederate States Navy he went on to supervise the building of gunboats and defenses of the Red River in 1862–1863
Brooke, John MercerJohn Mercer Brooke 1847 Engineer, scientist, and educator; instrumental in the creation of the Transatlantic Cable; noted marine and military innovator; after joining the Confederate States Navy he supervised the establishment of the Confederate States Naval Academy in 1862 and 1863
Waddell, James IredellJames Iredell Waddell 1847 Instructor at the US Naval Academy; chose to serve the Confederacy in their strategey of commerce raiding; captained the CSS Shenandoah which destroyed or captured 38 ships and took over 1,000 prisoners, all without firing a single shot in anger or injuring any person
Parker, William HarwarWilliam Harwar Parker 1848 Naval Academy Instructor and Professor of Mathematics, Navigation and Astronomy (1853–1857); after the American Civil War started, he served with the Virginia State Navy, and then the Confederacy and Confederate States Naval Academy by serving as its Superintendent from October, 1863 on the school ship CSS Patrick Henry, located outside of Richmond, Virginia on the James River, Virginia; in April 1865, as the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia was evacuated, he led the C.S. Naval Academy's midshipmen as a guard for their failing Government's archives and treasury

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