Ling may refer to:

  • -ling, an English diminutive suffix
  • Ling (TCM), a traditional Chinese medicine concept of shamanic power and spirituality
  • Ling County, in Shandong, China
  • Ling, the legendary Kingdom, ruled by king Gesar, in Mongol-Tibetan myth
  • A Chinese synonym of water caltrop (菱)
  • A synonym of heather, Calluna vulgaris
  • An abbreviation of the word linguistics
  • Another form of the Hinduism-related word lingam
  • Several species of fish:
    • Burbot, Lota lota
    • Blue ling, Molva dypterygia
    • Cobia, Rachycentron canadum
    • Common ling, Molva molva
    • Pink cusk-eel, Genypterus blacodes
    • Red hake, Urophycis chuss
  • The romanized rendering of the Tibetan term for "monastery"

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Famous quotes containing the word ling:

    As Ah Ling would say, “Even though the eyes may see, the mind will not believe.”
    Joseph O’Donnell, and Clifford Sanforth. Arthur Perry (Bela Lugosi)