Light Khaki

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National Guard (Nicaragua) - Uniforms and Insignia
... uniform for all ranks since the late 1920s was the US Army tropical ‘Chino’ khaki cotton shirt and pants, worn with the US M1912 Campaign Hat (aka ‘Montana Peak Hat’) in Olive Drab felt with the ... tunic modelled after the US M1926 pattern was adopted by Guardia Officers' and worn with a khaki shirt and tie, replaced by a white shirt and black tie on formal occasions ... the M1937 or M1942 American peaked caps, in either light tropical khaki and Olive Drab wool cloth, which slowly began to replace the campaign hat in service dress ...
Tones of Khaki - Light Khaki
... Khaki (X11) Color coordinates Hex triplet #F0E68C sRGBB (r, g, b) (240, 230, 140) HSV (h, s, v) (54°, 41%, 94%) Source X11 BNormalized to (byte) At right ... This the color is called khaki in X11 ...

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