Service Dress

Service Dress may refer to any of several military uniforms:

  • Service Dress (British Army)
  • Service Dress, a uniform of the United States Navy
  • Service Dress, a uniform of the United States Air Force

Other articles related to "service dress, dress, service, services":

Modern Irish Army Uniform - Service Dress
... The Service dress Uniform is used by the Army for ceremonial and administrative duties ... It resembles khaki service dress worn in many armies, but is in distinctive green shade ... No1, the cloth belt is traded for a white dress belt, and white gloves are worn by enlisted personnel below BQMS rank.Medals are worn with SD No1.Medal Ribbons are worn ...
Shoulder Mark - Canada
3 Service Dress shirt, overcoat, raincoat, and sweater CANEX parka and windbreaker Naval Combat Dress jacket and shirt Military Police Operational Patrol ... Slip-ons are not worn on the Service Dress jacket, or with Mess Dress ... Canadian Forces slip-ons include Army Service Dress rifle green slip-on with a regimental or branch title, or the word "CANADA", in gold cotton thread, called "CF ...
Royal Air Force Uniform - Current Uniforms - Full Dress
... April 1920 Air Ministry Weekly Order 332 detailed a full dress uniform ... Initially the full dress uniform was worn with the service dress cap ... However, in 1921 a new form of head-dress was introduced ...
Canadian Soldiers - Uniforms
... Uniforms of the Canadian Forces Although the Canadian Forces are a single service, there are three similar but distinctive environmental uniforms (DEUs) navy blue (which is actually black) for ... of the branch with one of the former services, and the individual's initial preference (once a DEU is assigned, it is difficult to change, without remustering) ... CF are sub-divided into five orders of dress Ceremonial dress, including regimental full dress, patrol dress, naval "high-collar" whites, and service dress uniforms with ceremonial accoutrements such as swords ...
Bermuda Regiment - Dress
... Flashes, and other colour marks used on dress and elsewhere (such as backgrounds on signs about Warwick Camp) are red and blue, reflecting the colours of the Royal Artillery, but the stable belt (issued ... The dress uniform itself is closer to the old Royal Artillery pattern, and to the generic No. 1 full-dress uniform used by most British regiments today, being composed of dark blue, almost black, tunic and trousers, and differing only in the red cuffs and collar added to the tunic ...

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