Light Green

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I Was Only Nineteen
... "Only Nineteen", "I Was Only Nineteen" or "A Walk in the Light Green" is the most widely recognised song by Australian folk group Redgum ...
Shade Man - Supporting Characters - Sniper Joe - Different Joe Models
... Helicopter Jet Ski Mounted Cannon Body Color Green, Dark Green, Red, Purple, Orange Orange, White, Black Dark Green, White, Black Light Green, White Purple, White Turquoise, White Light Green, Black ...
Dilute Budgerigar Mutation - Genetics
... heterozygote) is identical in appearance to the wild-type Light Green ... the budgerigar fancy such a bird is said to be a Light Green split dilute, usually written Light Green/dilute, although Light Green/yellow has been used ... the black markings, and less absorption of light which passes through the cloudy layer in the medulla of barbs ...
Yellowface II Budgerigar Mutation - Genetics
... degree, with respect to the wild-type Light Green ... The heterozygote or Light Green/yellowface II with one Yellowface II allele and one wild-type allele is visibly indistinguishable from a Light Green, and the ...
List Of Cherimoya Cultivars
... Bays Tree broad, to 6 metres (20 ft) fruits round, medium size, light green, skin shows fingerprint like marks ... Long-conical, but not shouldered smooth or faintly fingerprinted skin green to bronze bears well ... Fruit medium, quite dark green, mammillated, flavor good ...

Famous quotes containing the words green and/or light:

    It was a green world,
    Unchanging holly with the curled
    Points, cypress and conifers,
    All that through the winter bears
    Coarsened fertility against the frost.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    Gargantua, at the age of four hundred four score and forty- four years begat his son Pantagruel, from his wife, named Badebec, daughter of the King of the Amaurotes in Utopia, who died in child-birth: because he was marvelously huge and so heavy that he could not come to light without suffocating his mother.
    François Rabelais (1494–1553)