Libertarian may refer to:

  • A proponent of libertarianism, a political philosophy that upholds individual liberty, especially freedom of expression and action
  • A member of Libertarian Party (United States) or other libertarian political party; see: List of libertarian political parties
  • A member or supporter of a libertarian organization; see: List of libertarian organizations
  • Libertarianism (metaphysics), one of the main philosophical positions related to the problems of free will and determinism

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List Of 1980 Swing States - Other Candidates - Ed Clark
... The Libertarian Party nominated Ed Clark for President and David H ... This is the highest percentage of popular votes a Libertarian Party candidate has ever received in a presidential race to date, and remained the highest overall number of votes earned by a ... Gray became the first Libertarian ticket to earn more than a million votes, albeit with a lower overall vote percentage than Clark-Koch ...
Libertarian Perspectives On Revolution - Methods - Violent Rebellion or Terrorism
... property." However, Rothbard warns against harming innocents "…the libertarian goal, the victory of liberty, justifies the speediest possible means towards reaching the ... theft) against persons or just property in order to reach the libertarian goal of nonaggression." Rothbard's For a New Liberty cites the revolutionary war of the Bengali ... In response to Rothbard's rebuttal of the New Libertarian Manifesto, Konkin writes, "Rothbard’s statement that violent revolution (what other kind is there against a ruling class—would he like to mention an ...
Libertarian Perspectives On Revolution
... Libertarian perspectives on revolution include the disparate views held by various libertarians on the desirability of creating fundamental change in power or ... Libertarian revolutionary goals often include dissolution of current states, creation of new states on the ocean (seasteading) and even the abolition of all states ...
Libertarian Perspectives On Revolution - Methods - Nonviolent Action and Non-cooperation
... The Voluntaryist, a publication founded in 1982, promotes a libertarian form of nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience they call voluntaryism ... electoral politics, in theory and in practice, as incompatible with libertarian principles ... Kennedy promoted the libertarian/anarchist technique economic secession, for example, replacing use of fiat money with barter or commodity money, refusing to submit to government regulations and licensing ...
Libertarianism In South Africa - Libertarian Seminar
... The first annual Libertarian Spring Seminar was organised by Frances Kendall in 1984 at the Nebo holiday farm in the Free State ... These seminars have been run annually by the SA Libertarian Society, an informal collection of libertarian individuals ...