Legio was a Roman Catholic titular see in the former Roman province of Palestina Secunda, which was suffragan of Scythopolis

It figures for the first time in a Latin episcopal notitia, dating probably from the eleventh century, where it is given under the name of Legionum, between the Bishoprics of Diocæsarea and Capitolias (Tobler and Molinier, "Itinera Hierosolymitana", I, Geneva, 1880, 343). If, however, we consult the Greek Notitiæ Episcopatuum, of which the Latin is only a translation, we find in that place, not Legio, but Maximianopolis. The see of Legio is, therefore, identical with Maximianopolis.

In the Middle Ages both cities were identified, being near neighbours, though really distinct places in the same see. Legio became Lajjun, well known in the Bible and in history under the name of Megiddo.

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... In 2002–2003 an archaeological survey was made in the Legio region by Yotam Tepper as part of his master's thesis ... The survey located the legionary camp of the Legio VI Ferrata on the northern slope of the El-Manach hill, the village of Ceparcotani on the adjacent hill ...