Law School Rankings in The United States

Law School Rankings In The United States

Law school rankings are a specific subset of college and university rankings dealing specifically with law schools. Like college and university rankings, law school rankings can be based on empirical data, subjectively-perceived qualitative data (often survey research of educators, law professors, lawyers, students, or others), or some combination of these.

Such rankings are often consulted by prospective students as they choose which schools they will apply to or which school they will attend.

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Law School Rankings In The United States - Alternatives To The U.S. News Rankings - Vault Rankings
... and survey site released its first set of law school rankings in 2008 ... surveys of nearly 400 hiring partners and recruiting professionals from across the United States, the rankings reflect how survey participants rated incoming associates on their research and writing skills, knowledge ... Without turning directly to statistics or educational quality, the Vault rankings attempt to quantify which schools produce the most marketable graduates in the private sector ...

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