Larry is a very masculine given name in English, derived from Lawrence, Laurence or Laraib (meaning emperor or king). It can be a shortened form of those names.

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Larry Haines
... Larry Haines (August 3, 1918 – July 17, 2008), born Larry Hecht, was an American actor ...
List Of Seinfeld Episodes - Episode List - Season 3 (1991/92)
... share 1 ... "The Note" Tom Cherones Larry David September 18, 301. 15.1/25 2 ... "The Truth" David Steinberg Elaine Pope September 25, 302. 11.5 ...
Woman Haters - Notes/Production Background
... The Three Stooges had different names in this short Curly Jackie, Moe Tom, Larry Jim ... This is one of the few Stooge shorts that features Larry as the lead character ... Co-star Marjorie White (playing Larry's wife) died a year after this short of internal hemorrhaging caused by injuries sustained in a car accident ...
Michael Storm
... Larry Wolek on the ABC soap opera, One Life to Live, a role he played as a lead character from 1969 through 1992, and in a recurring capacity continually from 1992 ... He was preceded in the role of Larry by his real-life brother, Jim Storm, who, in turn, had been preceded by Paul Tulley ... In the storyline, Jim's Larry Wolek was badly burned in a fire and underwent plastic surgery, and Michael's Larry Wolek was revealed when the bandages were removed ...
Flatlander (short Story)
... science fiction short story written in 1967 by Larry Niven ... was originally published in Worlds of If, March 1967, and reprinted in Neutron Star, Larry Niven, New York Ballantine, 1968, pp. 129–171 (ISBN 0-345-29665-6), and Crashlander, Larry Niven, New York Ballantine, 1994, pp ...

Famous quotes containing the word larry:

    Where you gonna go? Where you gonna run? Where you gonna hide? Nowhere. ‘Cause there’s no one like you left.
    Nicholas St. John, U.S. screenwriter, Larry Cohen (b. 1936)

    That’s the nice thing about this job. You get to quote yourself shamelessly. If you don’t, Larry Speakes will.
    Ronald Reagan (b. 1911)

    Class isn’t something you buy. Look at you. You have a $500 suit on and you’re still a lowlife.
    Roger Spottiswoode, U.S. screenwriter, Walter Hill, and Larry Gross. Jack Cates (Nick Nolte)