Krieg (German for "War") is a black metal band from Somers Point, New Jersey in the United States of America. They play a low-fi, "raw" style, drawing influence from the Darkthrone-esque style of black metal and did not use synthesizers or folk instruments, in their recordings. The band formed in 1995, initially as Imperial, changing name to Krieg in 1997. With the only permanent member being Imperial (Neill Jameson), live members were drawn from an array of various bands, such as Nyktalgia, Nachtmystium, Forest of Impaled, Noctuary and Satanic Warmaster. In 2004 the band toured Europe with Demoncy and Abazagorath. In 2006 Krieg, with Noctuary as tour mates and backing band, toured the West Coast of the US, with added dates in Mexico. The band split up in 2006, and reformed once again in 2008 and played shows in L.A. and San Francisco. They have recently released a split and are working on a full-length.

In 2005, Imperial joined the metal supergroup Twilight along with members of Leviathan, Xasthur, Nachtmystium, and Draguar.

Imperial also plays in the crusty drone/doom metal project March into the Sea.

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