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King James - Other
... King James (horse), an American Thoroughbred racehorse James Strang, the founder of the Strangite Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, who was crowned king of Beaver Island in Lake ...
Castalian Band
... between the 1580s and early 1590s in the court of James VI and consciously modelled on the French example of the Pléiade ... The name has often been claimed as that which the King used to refer to the group, as in lines from one of his own poems, an epitaph on his friend Alexander Montgomerie (The Poems of ... James Craigie, 2 Vols ...
Legal History Of Scotland - Stewart Dynasty
... The Stewart dynasty, founded by King Robert II in 1371, was defined by the growing authority and power of the Scottish Kings and development of. 1469, the Parliament of Scotland affirmed the ultimate authority of King James III and rejected the authority of imperial notaries in Scottish civil ... The recognition of the sovereign authority of the Scottish Kings was connected to the influence of the ius commune in Scots law ...
Loch Alsh - History - Feudal Period
... the Isles acted as a sovereign in alliance with the Scottish king rather than a subject ... Thus Alexander of Islay, Earl of Ross and Lord of the Isles allied himself with King James I of Scotland against the Albany Stewarts in 1424, but in 1429 went to war against the king ... were another power in the area, participating in the battle of Largs in 1263 when King Haakon IV of Norway was defeated, and later fighting for Donald of the Isles at the ...
List Of Bible Verses Not Included In Modern Translations
... of Bible verses in the New Testament that are present in the King James Version (KJV) but absent from most modern Bible translations completed after 1881 which are based upon the Alexandrian-type manuscripts ... The verses are, however, present in the New King James Version, published in 1979 ... "And because the King James Bible is based on later manuscripts, such verses became part of the Bible tradition in English-speaking lands." ...

Famous quotes by king james: is better to marry than to be aflame with passion.
    Bible: New Testament, 1 Corinthians 7:9.

    King James translation reads, ‘It is better to marry than to burn.’