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Comparison Of American Football And Rugby League - Advancing The Ball
... In American football, the team that's in possession of the ball (the offense) has four "downs", to advance the ball 10 yards towards the end zone ... A team scores ... The team in possession has a "set of six" tackles before having to hand over possession ...
Matball - Rules
... The game is very similar to kickball, with one team kicking (sometimes called "batting" despite the lack of bats) and the other team fielding ... In some cases, a kicking team is retired after a set number of outs (often three or five), but in other cases outs are not counted, and play continues until all members of the kicking ... through the doors may continue to be live, forcing the fielding team to retrieve it, or such a ball may be designated a home run ...
Music City Miracle - Analysis
... Because of this, Buffalo’s entire kicking team (except for the place kicker), shifted to the right sideline of the field, either to tackle Wycheck or to force him out of ... turned out to be the decisive mistake on the part of Buffalo’s kicking team ... that all of the defensive-backs on the kicking team were completely out of position to make any serious attempt to over-haul and catch a starting NFL wide receiver (Dyson) ...
Fair Catch Kick - Rules and Variations
... can only occur when a member of the receiving team signals for, and successfully makes, a fair catch (or is awarded a fair catch after a kick-catch interference penalty) ... The receiving team then has the option of resuming play either by snap or fair catch kick ... If the receiving team elects the fair catch kick option, their kicker can make a field goal attempt from the spot where the fair catch was made and the opposing team must line up at least ten yards downfield ...

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    Relying on any one disciplinary approach—time-out, negotiation, tough love, the star system—puts the parenting team at risk. Why? Because children adapt to any method very quickly; today’s effective technique becomes tomorrow’s worn dance.
    Ron Taffel (20th century)

    Has made an honest woman of the supernatural,
    And we won’t have it kicking over the traces again.
    Christopher Fry (b. 1907)