Judy Graubart

Esther Judith "Judy" Graubart (born October 1943 in Fort Worth, Texas) is an American actress and comedienne. She is best remembered for being a regular cast member of The Electric Company, the revolutionary children's show from the 1970s produced by the Children's Television Workshop. Like the other cast members, who included Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno, and Bill Cosby, she played hundreds of characters on the show during its 6-year run (1971–1977), Jennifer of the Jungle being a standout. Prior to The Electric Company, Graubart was in The Second City comedy troupe, appearing in the Chicago mainstage cast in the mid- to late 1960s. She was also a regular on Comedy Tonight, which aired during the summer of 1970 on CBS, along with Peter Boyle, Robert Klein, and Madeline Kahn.

After her run with The Electric Company, she appeared in several little-known films during the early 1980s, including Marshall Brickman's Simon and Author! Author! which starred Al Pacino. She reunited with Madeline Kahn for the 1999 film Judy Berlin, which was completed shortly before Kahn's death.

Throughout her career, Graubart had also been a familiar face in television commercials for products such as the Chevrolet Vega, Cheer, Crunch 'n Munch, Shake 'n Bake, and Miracle Whip.

Graubart appeared, as did many other of the original cast members of The Electric Company, in interviews and episode introductions on the second volume of The Best of the Electric Company DVD boxed set that was released by Shout! Factory and Sony BMG Music Entertainment on November 14, 2006.

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