• (adj): Of or pertaining to or befitting the Roman deity Jupiter.
    Example: "Jovian thunderbolts"; "Jovian wrath"
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Charito - Widow
... Edward Gibbon reports that "the body of Jovian was sent to Constantinople, to be interred with his predecessors, and the sad procession was met on the road by his wife ... Six weeks before the death of Jovian, his infant son had been placed in the curule chair, adorned with the title of Nobilissimus, and the vain ensigns ... was the first to identify the poisoned emperor with Jovian and the son with Varronianus ...
Roman Emperor (Dominate) - Jovian
... Jovian was one of Julian the Apostate's senior generals, and was chosen as his successor by the army shortly after his death in 363 he died in February 364 without heir ... Jovian ("Imp ...
Atmosphere Of Jupiter - Dynamics - Deep Models
... The conditions of the theorem are probably met in the fluid Jovian interior ... One model published in 2004 successfully reproduced the Jovian band-jet structure ... In standard models of the Jovian interior, the mantle comprises the outer 20–30% ...
Jovian Storm
... Jovian Storm was a progressive rock band from the 1990s, established in Atlanta, GA (USA) ... Jovian Storm's first and only album Magic Show showcased the talents of each band member with complex, unusual arrangements as with the title track, a 10-minute epic which included a ...
Charito - Empress
... Charito married Jovian, a son of Varronianus ... Her father-in-law was tribune of the Jovians and comes domesticorum ... Jovian had also pursued a military career, serving as primicerius domesticorum under Julian ...

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  • (adj): Of or pertaining to or characteristic of or resembling the planet Jupiter.
    Example: "Jovian satellites"