John Capron - Capron Mill in U.S. History

Capron Mill in U.S. History

The Capron Mill, started by John Capron, the father, was made famous for military uniforms which were made here from at least the Civil War period, up through World War II, and including "the first U.S. Air Force uniform" which became known as the "Uxbridge Blue" During John Capron's tenure, the mills of Uxbridge including Capron Mills ran 24/7 during the American Civil War producing military uniforms. This mill later became the Bernat Mill known for yarns in the later 20th Century, and was the third largest yarn factory in the U.S. On 21 July 2007, this historic mill, begun by Colonel Capron's family, was nearly totally destroyed, in the 10 alarm Bernat Mill Fire at Uxbridge. The oldest part of the historic mill, the original Capron Mill, made of wood, was virtually completely saved from the fire, by the efforts of 66 fire departments and a two state response. The fire burned 400,000 square feet (37,000 m2) of the more modern brick and steel complex at Mendon and Depot Streets. Mill owners plan to rebuild.

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