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Benjamin Adams (politician) - Death and Afterwards
... Benjamin Adams is buried in the Prospect Hill Cemetery, next to the historic Capron Mill in downtown Uxbridge ... have seen the early history and successes of the adjacent Capron Mill, and the beginnings of our nation's industrialization which occurred here ... On July 21, 2007, the historic Capron Mill, later known as the Bernat Mill, was burned in a spectacular ten-alarm fire ...
Uxbridge, Massachusetts - History - Industrial Era: 19th Century To Mid-20th Century
... Uxbridge housed a peak of twenty different industrial mills ... Day built the Blackstone Valley's first woolen mill here in 1809 and by 1855, 560 local workers made 2,500,000 yards (2,300,000 m) of cloth (14,204 ... Entrepreneur first's included woolen power looms, and satinets, (John Capron and Effingham Capron), vertical textile integration into clothes, cashmere wool-nylon ...
John Capron - Capron Mill in U.S. History
... The Capron Mill, started by John Capron, the father, was made famous for military uniforms which were made here from at least the Civil War period, up through ... Air Force uniform" which became known as the "Uxbridge Blue" During John Capron's tenure, the mills of Uxbridge including Capron Mills ran 24/7 during the American Civil War producing military uniforms ... This mill later became the Bernat Mill known for yarns in the later 20th Century, and was the third largest yarn factory in the U.S ...

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