Capron, originally a French surname, may refer to:

  • Capron, Illinois
  • Capron, Oklahoma
  • Capron, Virginia
  • Capron (Sussex cricketer)
  • Jean Pierre Capron, French landscape and portrait artist, born 1921.
  • Alexander Morgan Capron, a biomedical ethicist and law professor at the University of Southern California
  • Ralph Capron, baseball player
  • Roger Capron, a ceramic artist based in Vallauris, France
  • Allyn K. Capron, Sr., a United States Army captain who served in the Spanish American War
  • Allyn K. Capron, Jr., a United States Army captain, the son of Allyn K. Capron, Sr., was a Rough Rider officer who was killed during the Spanish American War
  • John Rand Capron, an English astronomer

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