Jewish Science

Jewish Science is a Judaic spiritual movement comparable with the New Thought Movement. Many of its members also attend services at conventional synagogues.

It is an interpretation of Jewish philosophy that was originally conceived by Rabbi Alfred G. Moses in the early 1900s in response to the growing influence of Christian Science and the New Thought Movement. Rather than the paternal God figure encountered in Hebrew tradition, "Jewish Science views God as an Energy or Force penetrating the reality of the universe. God is the source of all Reality and not separate from but part of the world and Right thinking has a healing effect". His fundamental teachings are found in his 1916 book Jewish Science: Divine Healing in Judaism. The movement was institutionalized in 1922 with Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein's founding of the Society of Jewish Science.

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... In the early 1900s, some in the American Jewish community were attracted to the teachings of Christian Science and the New Thought Movement, by the 1920s they were referring to their study by the ... with his wife Tehilla Lichtenstein, published the Jewish Science Interpreter, a periodical featuring much of his own writing ...

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