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Landing At Saidor Order Of Battle - Japanese Forces
... The Japanese forces engaged in the area consisted of 20th Division 79th Infantry Regiment 80th Infantry Regiment 20th Engineer Regiment 20th Transport Regiment 26th ...
Luzon Campaign - Battle
... The Japanese forces reported more than 70 Allied warships entering the Lingayen Gulf ... Pre-assault bombardment of Japanese shore positions from these ships began at 0700 ... The landing forces faced strong opposition from Japanese kamikaze aircraft ...
Carlson's Patrol - Patrol - Initial Actions
... Vouza of the Solomon Islands Police Force set out from Aola on the patrol ... Carlson learned that the local Christian mission had recently been raided by Japanese troops who had killed two of the missionaries before moving west ... one platoon of troops, Carlson encountered a small group of Japanese who shot and severely wounded the native scout leading the Marine column ...
Stanley Internment Camp - Evacuation and Arrival At Camp
... thought the city would inevitably fall to Japanese forces in the event of an attack, so it should not be reinforced with more defensive forces ... would have been an "embarrassment" for the government when the Japanese forces take Hong Kong, and additionally it was thought the internment of thousands of British civilians would cause unnecessary suffering and ... On 8 December 1941, Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong, marking the start of the Battle of Hong Kong ...
Emilio S. Liwanag - Military Career - World War II
... of the Philippine Navy, is the only Filipino naval force after the United States Asiatic Fleet which is in charged of the naval protection for the Philippines ... A few weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, his rank became permanent after he was inducted into the US Army Forces in the Far East (USAFFE) on Dec ... Four days later, the Japanese planes bombed the Offshore Patrol Headquarters in Manila where he was stationed, fortunately he was off-base when this incident happened ...

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