Interrogative Words

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Araki Language - Clause Structure - Interrogatives
... Interrogative sentences can take either Realis or Irrealis modality ... Quite often, the interrogative is marked by a final tag.. ... In WH-questions, the interrogative words take the same slot as the word they replace (that is, they remain in-situ ...
Sambali Language - Grammar - Interrogative Words
... Ayti – Saan – Where Ania - Ano - What Anongkot - Bakit - Why. ...
Tagalog Grammar - Interrogative Words
... Tagalog's interrogative words are alín, anó, bákit, gaáno, ilán, kailán, kaníno, kumustá, magkáno, nakaníno, nasaán, níno, paáno, saán, and síno ... With the exceptions of bakit, kamustá, and nasaán, all of the interrogative words have optional plural forms which are formed by reduplication ...

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