Inter-American Court of Human Rights - Notable Cases Heard By The Court

Notable Cases Heard By The Court

Case Date Ruling
Caracazo v. Venezuela November 11, 1999
"The Last Temptation of Christ" (Olmedo-Bustos et al.) v. Chile February 5, 2001
Barrios Altos v. Peru March 14, 2001
Myrna Mack Chang v. Guatemala November 25, 2003
Plan de Sánchez Massacre v. Guatemala April 29, 2004
Herrera-Ulloa v. Costa Rica July 2, 2004
Lori Berenson-Mejía v. Peru November 25, 2004
Moiwana Community v. Suriname June 15, 2005
"Mapiripán Massacre" v. Colombia September 15, 2005
Gomes Lund et al. ("Guerrilha do Araguaia") v. Brazil November 24, 2010
Atala Riffo and daughters v. Chile February 24, 2012

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