Information Broker

An information broker, also known as an independent information professional or information consultant, is a person or business that researches information for clients. Common uses for information brokers include market research and patent searches, but can include practically any type of information research.

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Barbara Gordon - Powers and Abilities - Information Broker
... capable of retrieving and dispersing information from private satellites, military installations, government files, and the properties of Lex Luthor ... wide knowledge base and access to vast information resources, routinely consults Oracle for assistance ... Oracle as Batman's intellectual equal and source of information, stated that "t was logical for her to be there in Batman's world.. ...
Information Service - Fiction
... In fiction, information brokers usually find data for a story's main character(s) ... Fictional information brokers can be of varying importance and have varying methods ... For example, a hacker can be an information broker, though they may be simply transferring whatever information they find to the main character(s) ...
Information Broker - Privacy Concerns and Regulation
... consumer organization in United States, published an online FAQ about information brokers ... PRC also maintains a list of information brokers, with links to their privacy policies, terms of service, and opt-out privisions ... bill contains a number of requirements for auditing and verification of accuracy of data held by information brokers, and additional measures in the case of a ...

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