• (noun): A faint constellation in the southern hemisphere near Telescopium and Tucana.
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SS Indus
... A number of steamships have been named Indus, including- SS Indus (1866), in service with Nourse Line 1866-73 SS Indus (1904), the first steamship built for the Nourse Line, in service until ...
Indus, Minnesota - Further Reading
... Koochiching Rainy Lake South Koochiching Unincorporated communities Birchdale Craigsville Indus Island View Loman Margie Pelland Ray Indian reservation Bois Forte Indian ...
SS Indus (1945)
... Indus was a 2,834 ton cargo ship which was built in Germany in 1945 and launched as Sasbeck ... In 1947 she was renamed Lewis Hamilton and then in 1950 she was renamed Indus ...
List Of Countries By GDP Sector Composition - List
... Nominal GDP sector composition, 2011 (in percentage and in millions of dollars) # Country nominal GDP Agri ... Indus ...
Mailsi - Geography and Climate
... Mailsi is located in the Indus Valley near the city of Multan in central Pakistan ... The Indus Water Treaty sold the water in the Sutlej river to India the reduced water flow in the river had had a pronounced effect on the flora and fauna of ... flow in the Sidhnai Link Canal and Sutlej river under this same Indus Water Treaty ...

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  • (noun): An Asian river; flows into the Arabian Sea.
    Synonyms: Indus River