Impossible Puzzle

Impossible Puzzle

The Impossible Puzzle, also named Sum and Product Puzzle is a puzzle called "impossible" because it seems to lack sufficient information for a solution. It was first published in 1969, and the name Impossible Puzzle was coined by Martin Gardner. The puzzle is solvable, though not easily. There exist many similar versions of puzzles.

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Famous quotes containing the words puzzle and/or impossible:

    —My good friend, quoth I—as sure as I am I—and you are you
    —And who are you? said he.—Don’t puzzle me; said I.
    Laurence Sterne (1713–1768)

    Since it is impossible to know what’s really happening, we Peruvians lie, invent, dream and take refuge in illusion. Because of these strange circumstances, Peruvian life, a life in which so few actually do read, has become literary.
    Mario Vargas Llosa (b. 1936)