Impact Event

An impact event is the collision of a large meteorite, asteroid, comet, or other celestial object with the Earth or another planet. Throughout recorded history, hundreds of minor impact events (and exploding bolides) have been reported, with some occurrences causing deaths, injuries, property damage or other significant localised consequences. There have also been major impact events throughout the Earth's history which severely disrupted the environment and caused mass extinctions.

Impact events have been a plot and background element in science fiction since knowledge of real impacts became established in the scientific mainstream.

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Dinosoor - Extinction of Major Groups - Impact Event
... in 1980 by Walter Alvarez and colleagues, links the extinction event at the end of the Cretaceous period to a bolide impact approximately 65 million years ago ... period's rock stratum, was direct evidence of the impact ... dinosaurs were thriving or declining before the impact event ...
Keurusselkä Impact Structure
... Keurusselkä covers an ancient impact crater remnant, which was discovered in 2003 by amateur geologists ... Shatter cones, horsetail-shaped formations in rocks specifically formed in meteor impacts, have been found in an 11.5 km (7.1 mi) wide area, but it is possible that the area containing shatter cones may ... This would make Keurusselkä the largest impact structure in Finland surpassing the Lappajärvi crater ...
Shoemaker Crater
... Shoemaker (formerly known as Teague Ring) is an impact structure (or astrobleme), the deeply eroded remnant of a former impact crater, situated in arid central Western Australia, about 100 km (62 mi) north-northe ... suggestion that the ring-like topographic feature may be an impact structure was published in 1974 ... The age of the impact event is uncertain ...
Impact Event - Popular Culture - Cinema
... United States on the subject of attempting to stop impact events Touchstone Pictures' Armageddon, about an asteroid and Paramount/DreamWorks' Deep Impact, about a comet ... The 2008 American Broadcasting Company's miniseries Impact deals about a splinter of a brown dwarf hidden in a meteor shower which strikes the Moon and sends it on a collision course with Earth ... The 2011 film Melancholia uses the motif of an impact event incorporated in the aesthetics of romanticism ...
Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis - Criticism
... among the Paleoindians at 12,900 ± 100 BP, which was inconsistent with predictions of an impact event ... it is assumed the effects of the putative impact on Earth's biota would have been brief, all extinctions caused by the impact should have occurred ... occurred approximately 30,000 years earlier than the hypothetical Younger Dryas event ...

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    Surely one of the peculiar habits of circumstances is the way they follow, in their eternal recurrence, a single course. If an event happens once in a life, it may be depended upon to repeat later its general design.
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