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The solid phases of several other volatile substances are also referred to as ices; generally a volatile is classed as an ice if its melting point lies above ~100 K. The best known example is dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide.

A "magnetic analogue" of ice is also realized in some insulating magnetic materials in which the magnetic moments mimic the position of protons in water ice and obey energetic constraints similar to the Bernal-Fowler ice rules arising from the geometrical frustration of the proton configuration in water ice. These materials are called spin ice.

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... The 1) interstellar model says that ices formed on dust grains in the dense cloud that preceded the Sun ... The mix of ice and dust then aggregated into a comet without appreciable chemical modification ... In the 2) solar system model, the ices that formed in the interstellar cloud first vaporized as part of the accretion disk of gas and dust around the protosun ...
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... The key was to provide enough microscopic ice particles exposed to a gaseous environment ... A lot of work on detecting water ices in the Universe was done on the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) ... For instance, broad emission bands of water ice at 43 and 60 μm were found in the disk of the isolated Herbig Ae/Be star HD 100546 in Musca ...
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