Hue Circle

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Traditional Color Theory - Complementary Colors
... wheel is often used to describe complementary colors, which are colors which cancel each other's hue to produce an achromatic (white, gray or black) light mixture ... Newton offered as a conjecture that colors exactly opposite one another on the hue circle cancel out each other's hue this concept was demonstrated more thoroughly in the 19th century ... A key assumption in Newton's hue circle was that the "fiery" or maximum saturated hues are located on the outer circumference of the circle, while achromatic white is at the center ...
Watercolor Painting - Techniques - Minimal Palettes
... This palette can mix all possible hues, though the purple, orange and green mixtures are characteristically rather dull or dark, and most color mixtures require use of all three paints ... This leads to a more equal spacing of paints around the hue circle, and the inclusion of a green paint ... (dark gray or black), by mixing together paints or colors on opposite sides of the hue circle—especially orange or scarlet with cyan, and carmine or magenta with green ...

Famous quotes containing the words circle and/or hue:

    The passion of love is essentially selfish, while motherhood widens the circle of our feelings.
    Honoré De Balzac (1799–1850)

    Short is the glory of the blushing rose,
    The hue which thou so carefully dost nourish,
    Yet which at length thou must be forced to lose.
    Samuel Daniel (1562–1619)