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Cardinal Electors In Papal Conclave, 1914 - Roman Curia
... Chancellor Ottavio Cagiano de Azevedo, Prefect of Religious Domenico Ferrata, Secretary of Holy Office Pietro Gasparri, Camerlengo of the College of Cardinals Francis Aidan Gasquet, OSB ...
Alfredo Ottaviani - Impacts and Influences - Index of Forbidden Books - Maria Valtorta
... once he approached the Vatican Press, he was summoned to the Holy Office, was seriously rebuked, and the Holy Office attempted to confiscate the original copies of ... XII was alive, Cardinal Ottaviani (who was then Pro-Prefect at the Holy Office) took no action against the Poem of the Man God or Maria Valtorta, but ordered Father Berti to silence ...
Mélanie Calvat - Biography - Controversy
... book to the Congregation of the Holy Office, and in turn Prospero Caterini, Cardinal Secretary of the Congregation of the Holy Office, publicly wrote back to him, the Bishop of Castellamare and ...
Papal Conclave, 1914 - New Pope
... Domenico Serafini, a Benedictine and assessor at the Holy Office, won the support of the Curia to continue Pius X's anti-modernist campaign as his chief priority ... State by the new Pope, but was named Secretary of the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office (then the head of that Dicastery, because the Popes themselves retained the office ...
Charles-Thomas Maillard De Tournon - Biography
... there to provide for the needs of these extensive missions to report to the Holy See on the general state of the missions, and the labours of the missionaries and to enforce the decision of the Holy Office against the ... At Rome the Holy Office had meanwhile decided against the rites on 20 November 1704, and being acquainted with this decision, the legate issued a decree at Nanjing ... praised him for his courage and loyalty to the Holy See and ordered the Holy Office to issue a Decree (25 September 1710) approving the acts of the legate ...

Famous quotes containing the words office and/or holy:

    This century fulfills the office of road-laborer for the society of the future. We make the road, others will make the journey.
    Victor Hugo (1802–1885)

    The word by seers or sibyls told,
    In groves of oak, or fanes of gold,
    Still floats upon the morning wind,
    Still whispers to the willing mind.
    One accent of the Holy Ghost
    The heedless world hath never lost.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)