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Fraxinus Mandschurica - Uses
... Manchurian Ash can be used as a medium height wind break for a farmstead ... The Manchurian grows into a denser oval form with age ... to emerald ash borer Agrilus planipennis, an Asian insect which occurs alongside Manchurian Ash in the wild, and which has become an invasive pest species in ...
Manchurian Bush-warbler
... Horornis borealis The Manchurian Bush Warbler (Cettia canturians), also known as Korean Bush Warbler, is a species of Old World warbler in the Sylviidae family ... Because of this, the Manchurian Bush Warbler is evaluated as a least concern species ...
Manchurian Reed Warbler
... The Manchurian Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus tangorum), also known as the Manchurian Reed-warbler, is a species of marsh-warbler (family Acrocephalidae) ...
Mongolian-Manchurian Grassland
... The Mongolian-Manchurian grassland ecoregion, also known as the Mongolian-Manchurian steppe, in the temperate grassland Biome, is found in Mongolia, the Chinese Autonomous region of Inner Mongolia and ...
... Manchurian refers to anything pertaining to Manchuria ... Manchurian people, a Tungusic people who originated in Manchuria (today's Northeastern China) ... Manchurian language, a Tungusic language spoken in Northeast China ...

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    There cannot be peaceful coexistence in the ideological realm. Peaceful coexistence corrupts.
    —Jiang Qing (1914–1991)

    False history gets made all day, any day,
    the truth of the new is never on the news
    False history gets written every day
    the lesbian archaeologist watches herself
    sifting her own life out from the shards she’s piecing,
    asking the clay all questions but her own.
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)

    Ever since you came back from Tibet I’ve had a feeling you were planning to divorce me and marry a laboratory.
    John Colton (1886–1946)