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List Of Rebellions In China - Du Wenxiu Rebellion
... of the Hui people, Chinese Muslims, against the imperial Qing Dynasty in western Yunnan province ... It was part of a wave of Hui unrest during the Qing Dynasty ... He was beheaded by Qing troops after his death ...
Jahangir Khoja - Career
... held in prison in accordance with a secret agreement, concluded between the Khanate of Kokand and Qing dynasty China, concerning descendants of Appak khoja ... several months he collected under his banner about 200,000 troops, with which he had overthrown Qing power in Kashgar, Yarkand, Khotan, and Yangihissar, having Qing garrisons annihilated in these cities ... Nevertheless, Qing China managed to mobilize "all forces of Empire, that were put into motion" and by September, 1827, collected in Aksu an army of 70,000, under command of military governor of Ili Chang ...
History Of Mongolia - Qing Period - Qing Conquests of Mongolia
... Ligdan retreated to Kukunor where he and his troops were swept by an epidemic ... The Manchus, supported by the troops of the Inner Mongolian taijis, conquered Ming China in 1644 and founded the Qing Dynasty ... were engaged in a conflict with the Manchu Qing Dynasty siding with Tenggis Taiji of S√ľnid of Inner Mongolia who revolted against Qing rule in 1646 ...
History Of Tibet - Manchurian Qing Dynasty - Post-Kangxi
... In 1725, amidst a series of Qing transitions reducing Qing forces in Tibet and consolidating control of Amdo and Kham, Kanchenas received the title of Prime ... Both of these officials, who represented Qing interests, were opposed by the Lhasa nobility, who had been allied with the Zunghars and were anti-Qing ... Qing troops arrived in Lhasa in September, and punished the anti-Qing faction by executing entire families, including women and children ...

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    I have lived long enough: my way of life
    Is fallen into the sere, the yellow leaf;
    And that which should accompany old age,
    As honor, love, obedience, troops of friends,
    I must not look to have.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    There cannot be peaceful coexistence in the ideological realm. Peaceful coexistence corrupts.
    —Jiang Qing (1914–1991)