Hern is an English masculine given name meaning "mythical hunter". There are variants including the Celtic Herne ("mythical hunter God"), associated with Herne the Hunter. Hern is also common as a surname, including the British Isles variant "A'hern" and the Irish variant "O'Hern". People with the name Hern include:

Gender Male
Word/Name English language
Meaning "mythical hunter"
Region of origin British Isles
Other names
Related names Herne, A'hern, O'hern
  • Dick Hern (1921–2002), British horse trainer
  • Tom Hern (born 1984), New Zealand actor
  • Riley Hern (1880–1929), Canadian ice hockey goaltender
  • Warren Hern (born ?), American physician
  • Bertie Ahern (born 1951), Irish prime minister from 1997-2008.
  • Basia A'Hern (born 1989), English-born Australian actor
  • Nicholas A'Hern (born 1969), Australian race walker
  • Nick O'Hern (born 1971), Australian golfer

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