Heating Surface

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Boiler - Overview - Configurations
... water in order to maintain the temperature of the heating surface just below boiling point ... at one end of a fire-tube which lengthens the path of the hot gases, thus augmenting the heating surface which can be further increased by making the gases reverse direction ... and the hot gases pass through a bundle of fire tubes inside the barrel which greatly increase the heating surface compared to a single tube and further ...
GER Class A55 - Rebuilt
... m) Boiler pressure 180 psi (1.24 MPa) Heating surface Tubes 1,738 sq ft (161.5 m2) Heating surface Flues 22.9 square feet (2.13 m2) Heating surface Firebox 131 ...
Fire-tube Boiler - Variations - Water Tubes
... sometimes have water-tubes as well, to increase the heating surface ... These increase the heating surface and give additional support to the brick arch ... Another technique for increasing the heating surface is to include internal rifling inside the boiler tubes (also known as Serve tubes) ...

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